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LEAF comic book

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It is the time of the “Magicis Mutatio” a time of change. Technology is slowly giving way and magic is returning to the world. Orc cab drivers, brothels run by Sirens, Dwarves work in sewers and Goblin street gangs run wild. A lone vigilante stalks the streets of New York hunting for drug dealers only this drug called MAGE, gives users more than just a fleeting high. Welcome to New York 2086.



Original Leaf series started in 1991. Art & writing by Phil Avelli.

Phil Avelli has rebooted the series with a new look. 


issue #2 - Out of print

Released in 1991, artist & writer Phil Avelli.

Bill Sienkiewicz cover art

issue #1 - OUT OF PRINT

Released in 1991, artist & writer Phil Avelli.

Marshall Arisman cover art